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REFLEX Simulation

REFLEX Simulation

REFLEX Simulation offers a simulation and debug environment for virtually executing, testing and validating the REFLEX controller applications, in their future context of use, by co-simulation with models of the controlled system. 


REFLEX Simulation




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> Co-simulation with Model-Based System Design tools



In the early stage of complex system development cycle, REFLEX Simulation enables to test and validate the future controller applications (control algorithms, function modes,..) by a co-simulation with a model of the controlled system.

REFLEX Simulation enables to connect REFLEX virtual controllers to Model-based system design tools, such as multi-physics system modeling tools, in order to design a realistic model of the future system.

This solution enables to validate the system specifications thanks to simulation, with the future control software in the loop (software in the loop). 


The Model-based system design tools, supported by REFLEX Simulation for co-simulation are :

  • Open Modelica

  • Dymola

  • CATIA Systems

  • Matlab-Simulink

  • LMS Amesim

  • Simulation X

  • Simplorer

Mutli-physics system simulation

Virtual controller



> Co-simulation with Virtual Commissioning/System emulation tools




In the last stage of development cycle, REFLEX Simulation enables a final validation of the controller applications (included degraded modes, emergency stops,..) by a co-simulation with Virtual Commissioning and System emulation tools.

REFLEX Simulation enables to connect REFLEX virtual controllers to Virtual Commissioning tools, and to validate the complete system under design with the final version of the controller applications in the loop (Software in the loop), whitout need of controller hardware.

















REFLEX Simulation brings an innovative solution to solve the permanent limitations of current Virtual Commissioning solutions, resulting from the usage of physical controller hardware (Hardware in the loop) and the real-time constraints. Virtual Commissioning solutions based on physical controllers have to emulate the system in real-time, which is not easily reachable for large installations, due to performance limitations of current PCs.

REFLEX Simulation enables to run a controller application step-by-step on a virtual basis in order to debug it, to pause and to resume the controller execution, to accelerate or to slow down the simulation , and to restore a specific state of the system.


The Virtual Commissioning/System emulation tools currently supported by REFLEX Simulation for co-simulation are: 


  • Emulate3D

  • Experior

  • Visual Components

  • Process Simulate Commissioning

  • Delmia Robotics

  • Mechatronic Concept Designer

  • Machineering

  • Virtual Universe Pro


Emulation of the controlled system

Virtual controller



> Control system emulators



REFLEX Studio enables to build and generate control system emulators, for execution on a PC.












The REFLEX Control system emulators are the avatar of real control systems, and aim to be embedded into larger realistic industrial simulation platforms (plant simulation,  control room simulation, virtual reality) usable for demonstrating a new system or for operator training. 

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