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REFLEX Development

REFLEX Development


REFLEX Development




REFLEX Studio brochure

REFLEX Development is an innovative development environment offering IEC 61131-3 editors for designing and developing hardware-independent controller applications,  natively safe by construction and dedicated to any type of industrial controllers (programmable logic controllers, embedded controllers).


REFLEX Development enables the development of safe and structured programs for industrial control systems.


IEC 61131-3


REFLEX Development offers the following tools:


  • REFLEX syntax editor for developing re-usable control software components and algorithms based on REFLEX programming language.


  • IEC 61131-3 editors (FBD, Ladder, State charts) for designing and building new controller applications by instantiating control components. These IEC 61131-3 graphical editors ease the adoption of REFLEX Studio by Control engineers, and offer a total bijection with the REFLEX core language.


  • Powerful REFLEX compiler, which enables to automatically detect programming errors (variable not initialized, division by zero, index array out of bound,...) and to formally verify the compliance of user programming rules.


  • Debugging features for testing and analysing the controller application, while it is virtually executed on the PC within the REFLEX virtual controller.   


  • Versionning manager


  • Documentation manager


REFLEX Development is the minimal configuration of REFLEX Studio. This product is Open Source, and is licensed under the GNU GPL license.

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