REFLEX Studio is an innovative Control Software Design platform, enabling to design, develop, simulate, test and validate hardware-independent controller applications, compliant with IEC 61131-3 standard, and to generate safe and reliable source code for any type of industrial controllers (programmable logic controllers) and embedded controllers.





REFLEX Studio brochure

IEC 61131-3

REFLEX Studio opens the door to a new and cost-efficient methodology for programming and validating industrial control systems by :


  • developing hardware-independent controller applications, natively safe by construction

  • formally verifying and validating controller programs by the use of testing and simulation

  • deploying controller programs into any type of industrial PLCs and embedded controllers

  • reducing time and effort for testing, validating and maintaining the controller programs 

Key benefits



Reduce up to 70% of the time dedicated for testing and commissioning your controller applications.


Do not wait for the physical equipment to test and validate your controller programs.


Validate up to 95% of your controller programs, in the design phase, thanks to formal verification, automated testing and virtual commissioning.



Deliver safe and reliable controller programs for operating the physical system.


Eliminate risks during commissioning and ramp-up phases.


Eliminate risks during the system operation.


Reduce maintenance efforts.



Develop your controller programs without worrying about the controller hardware target.


Test and validate your controller programs from your desktop, thanks to co-simulation with plant models.


Eliminate time consuming and tedious testing with the physical equipment on site.


Capitalize hardware-independent control software modules and migrate easily your controller applications into a new controller target. 

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