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Artics team

About us

Established in 2012, Artics is a French software company, that provides innovative software tools and solutions for the design, programming, simulation and validation of industrial control systems.


Artics is the developer and vendor of REFLEX Studio - an innovative platform enabling to design, develop, simulate, test and validate hardware-independent controller applications, compliant with IEC 61131-3 standard, and to generate safe and reliable source code for any type of industrial controllers (programmable logic controllers) and embedded controllers.

REFLEX Studio opens the door to a new and cost-efficient methodology for programming and validating PLC based control systems, by enabling the development of safe and reliable controller programs while reducing time and efforts for testing and commissioning.

The founders of Artics have more than 20 years of sucessful experience in control engineering for various industry sectors. Above all, they are experts in the most advanced and recent technologies (modeling, simulation, programming languages, compilers, formal verification, PLC code generation,...) enabling to design reliable controller programs for complex industrial equipments and production processes. 


Industrial customers trust the Artics team for its solid experience and expertise in control engineering, and its ability to deliver innovative technologies and cost-efficient solutions. 

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